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If you have misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration our porcelain veneers may be the answer.  Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that fit over and are bonded to your teeth, look natural and are made from the most advanced dental ceramic available.  We also feature contact-lens thin and super translucent Lumineers.  Because these new veneers are so thin, little to no tooth reduction is necessary.  Most of the time, no novicaine is necessary!
We feature ZOOM.  "The teeth whitening choice of the Hollywood stars".  You can have brilliantly white teeth, without stains or darkness, usually in about one to two hours. We also offer custom whitening trays, made in our own lab. You will receive supplies and instructions and you finish the procedure at home.  The technique is safe and effective.  Results occur within 1 - 14 days.
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Dr. Rose-Hyatt works hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. One of the ways she brings this about it through the use of a high-tech tool, the intra-oral camera. This amazing device is a miniature video camera that displays a closeup picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works!
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 Oral Cancer Screening

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Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Rose-Hyatt has implemented a revolutionary early detection system for oral cancer. She is able to shine a special light in your mouth called the ViziLite™ to see if there is cause for concern. With an estimated 29,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed last year, a quick and painless oral cancer screening can be more than just a good idea. When oral cancer is discovered at an early stage, treatment is faster, simpler, less invasive, and 90% successful. Not only is ViziLite painless, and it might just save your life.
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Today, we can save teeth which previously needed to be extracted. Modern anesthetics and technology make endodontic therapy (root canals) a very comfortable, practical alternative to extractions. Most patients are pleasantly surprised and pleased to find that root canals no longer deserve the bad press they received years ago. Modern endodontic therapy will allow you to comfortably save your teeth and maintain your smile.

TWe can design and fit natural-looking dentures that won’t slip! This breakthrough involves anchoring the denture plate so securely that you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat causing your dentures to shift or slip. If you wear a denture, be sure to ask us about this. It will make your life so much easier.